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Firefall is a science fiction free-to-play massive multiplayer online open world shooter by Red 5 Studios that combines elements from both the shooter genre and some role-playing aspects from the massive multiplayer online genre.

Much of the combat is influenced by Tribes, a game the lead designer worked on previously, and centers around the use of jump jets. This feature adds a third dimension to combat that allows the player remain in the air for long periods of time and to quickly travel to the tops of buildings. A retractable pair of wings further enhances the emphasis on the third-dimension as players are able to dive-bomb enemy positions or quickly escape hazardous situations.

In PvE zones, the player can engage in: dynamically generated missions and events that spawn at fixed locations throughout the open world, procedurally generated encounters that spawn at the player’s location, on-demand missions that the player choose when and where to spawn, and world events that bring players together either to fight off the game’s antagonist or to participate in group activities. The core goal of these missions is to allow the player to level up and acquire resources and equipment. Friendly fire and PvP combat is disabled by default, but a player can declare a duel with another player and engage in PvP combat.

Once the player has fully leveled their Battleframe, the player can then choose to engage in: an open world PvP zone to collect additional resources, or max-level zones and instanced missions where they bring the fight to the game’s main antagonist in large scale battles. These missions also push the game’s narrative forward as most of the story is told through instanced missions. At this point, the player’s core goal changes from leveling up and acquiring resources and equipment to fighting to keep the player’s playable zones from falling to the game’s antagonist and acquiring notoriety in the game’s competitive leader boards.

The game servers automatically creates or shuts down the number of available shards in order to prevent overcrowding in the game world. The spawn rate of missions is likewise adjusted to scale with the number of players online to prevent the players from getting bored or overwhelmed. Firefall’s servers use cloud computing through Amazon Web Services to scale the number of servers to fit demand, automatically acquiring more CPU and memory during peak hours and releasing them when they are no longer needed.


“Firefall offers a breadth of content I haven’t seen in an massively multiplayer shooter…”

“…Firefall’s been the only game I want to play on my PC.”

“Firefall is a game that seriously mixes the shooter and RPG genre into one game and does this extremely well.”


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