Deflector King!!!


Deflector King!!!


Who is THE DEFLECTOR KING?  1 Week Contest!  Top 5 players win points.  Click the button below to join the contest.

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Game Deflector game
Start Date 2014-10-13
End Date 2014-10-22
Available Player Slots This contest allows unlimited number of members!
Required User Level Administrator,Author,Contributor,Customer,Editor,Shop Manager,Subscriber,Keymaster,Moderator,Participant,Spectator
Allowed Game Plays You can play as many times you want!
Contest Fee This is a free contest!
Game Play Fee There is no play fee!
Rank Prize
1 50 Points
2 25 Points
3 10 Points
4 5 Points
5 2 Points
User Registered Plays Score
=420th= SemperFi October 14, 2014 1 5050
=420th= DSF October 16, 2014 3 2250
=420th= Hodge October 15, 2014 2 1700

About =420th= SemperFi

=420th= SemperFi is a military veteran, digital ninja, and shenanigan provocateur. Please approach with extreme caution and always with offerings of frosty beverages and party favors.

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