Rust Server: CDXX West Coast


Rust Server: CDXX West Coast


Thank you to all those who played. We are considering setting up different servers for other games. Please follow us on our forums.

=420th= Rust Server: “CDXX West Coast |HuntRPG|LowPop|Kits|iCraft|Clans|TP”

View forum discussions on this topicServer name: CDXX West Coast |HuntRPG|LowPop|Kits|iCraft|Clans|TP
Server IP:
Admin Email Contact:  cdxx.division (at)

Public Discord Server:
(Download Free Discord Voice App:

Server Rules:

  • No Exploits/Hacks  (Instant Bans without warning.)
  • No racism/hate, spam, or maliciousness on chat
  • No activities that willfully and negatively impact server/gameplay performance in a significant manner


  • /kit aid – Food & bandages. Use every 60 mins.
  • /kit hohoho – 3 small presents. Use every 30 mins.  Have you been good lil’ boys & girls?
  • /kit daily – Use every 24hrs for some resources, food, and an airdrop signal!
  • /kit starterhouse – Resources to begin a new house. One time use. Clear your inventory before using.
  • /kit thepurge – ! ONLY AVAILABLE JUST BEFORE WIPE – Batshit crazy C4, rockets, guns, etc.  Destroy all the things!

Current Active Mod List:

  • Hunt RPG : For more info, use “/h”. Use “/hgui” to spend your skill/stats points.  *Researcher & Intelligence are not too useful due to insta-craft
  • Teleport : Use “/tpr <name>” to request  teleport to player.
  • SetHome : Use “/sethome <name>”, “/removehome <name>”, and “/listhomes”  *Remember to remove homes after wipe.
  • Kits : Use “/kit” to see a list of available kits. Remember to allow free space in inventory before using.
  • Clans : Use “/clan help” for more info
  • Friends – Use “/friend <add|+/remove|-> <name/steamID>” to add or remove friends. Use “/friend list” to list your friends
  • Player Trade : Use “/trr <name>” to send a trade request to a player. Commands will show in trade window.
  • AutoDoors : Doors set to automatically close after X seconds. Use “/ad <seconds>”. Use “/ad” to disable.
  • Crafting Controller – Crafting is set to INSTANT on this server.
  • Gather Manager – Gather rate on the server is set to 300%
  • QuickSmelt – Increases the speed of the furnace smelting.  The default value is roughly 2x production.
  • Rust:IO – Adds a live map at (Sign in via Steam to see location of you/friends). Or search “CDXX”.
  • Cupboard for Friends – Allows only friends of already authorized people to authorize themselves at the cupboard. The plugin blocks strangers or raiders from authorizing at Cupboards of others, if nobody of the already authorized people has the player in his friend list.
  • Corpse Duration – Corpse despawn set to 30 minutes (default 5 minutes).  Time to get back to your corpse and loot!
  • Building Owners – This will automatically set owners of houses when someone builds a house part. Use “/changeowner <player>” to change the owner of the building where you are.
  • Demolish Refund – When a player uses the built in hammer menu to demolish a structure, a portion of the build cost is refunded.
  • NoEscape – Prevent teleportation while raid/combat is occurring. (Blocked: /home, /tp)
  • InfoPanel – An info bar that sits at the bottom of your screen and displays various stats. (In-Game / Server Time. Online Player/Sleeper counter, Message box, Airdrop alert, Helicopter alert, Radiation alert, Coordinates, etc.)
  • Kill Feed – Displays a basic Kill Feed on screen!
  • Stack Size Controller – Allows large stacks of inventory items.


All donations will be allocated toward server upkeep (monthly hosting) and system resources (memory & CPU).

Rust Donate

CDXX Hosted by NFO Servers

About =420th= SemperFi

=420th= SemperFi is a military veteran, digital ninja, and shenanigan provocateur. Please approach with extreme caution and always with offerings of frosty beverages and party favors.


  • Jul 17, 2016 @ 15:02 pm

    Thank you Wolf[sK] for your donation to the server. It will be applied directly to hosting and server resources. Much appreciated!

  • Oct 7, 2016 @ 14:54 pm

    Our Rust server has officially been retired as of 10/6/2016. Thanks all for playing. Lots of great memories were made there (live concerts, Thundercube deathmatches, firing range, and other shenanigans). We are considering a BF1 server after launch. Please follow us on the forums for the latest info!


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